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Delta commonly refers to: Delta letter δ or δ, a letter of the Greek alphabet. River delta, a landform at the mouth of a river.

delta [del´tah] 1. the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, Δ or δ; used in chemical names to denote the fourth of a series of isomeric compounds or the carbon atom fourth from the carboxyl group, or to denote the fourth of any series. 2. a triangular area. Δ 1. Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, delta. 2. In chemistry, denotes a double bond.</plaintext> Fourth letter in Greek alphabet, the word Delta means a change in quantity more rarely quality. Difference is the most common meaning of the uppercase delta. It is simply the difference, or change, in a certain quantity. When we say delta y, for example, we mean the change in y or how much. Definition of delta: Rate of change in the price of an option relative to price of the underlying futures contract or asset security. It is between 0 and 1 for calls and between 0 and.</p> <p>Why Does Delta Matter? Delta allows derivatives traders to understand what sort of risk/return they can expect from an investment. For instance, if they believe a stock will increase $2.00 per share in the near future, they can buy a call option on the stock. 6 definitions of DELTA. Definition of DELTA in Military and Government. What does DELTA stand for? Delta is one of four major risk measures used by option traders. Delta measures the degree to which an option is exposed to shifts in the price of the underlying asset i.e. stock or commodity i.e. futures contract. Values range from 1.0 to –1.0 or 100 to –100, depending on the convention employed. Delta uppercase δ, lowercase δ or 𝛿; Greek: δέλτα délta, [ˈðelta] is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 4. It was derived from the Phoenician letter dalet 𐤃, Letters that come from delta include Latin D and Cyrillic д. A river delta originally. Oct 24, 2008 · Delta means "change in" For example: Delta T means "change in temperature". To calculate this it would be final temperature - initial temperature.</p> <p>Depending on the branch of mathematics or science, the Greek letter "delta" can symbolize different concepts. Change Upper-case delta Δ often means "change" or "the change in" in mathematics. Apr 19, 2009 · Delta means "change in" For example: Delta T means "change in temperature". To calculate this it would be final temperature - initial temperature.</p> <p>The definition of a delta is a triangle-shaped deposit of sand, clay or silt at the mouth of a river. An example of a delta is where the Nile River drains into the Mediterranean Sea. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Sep 12, 2001 · Threatcon Delta means a terrorist attack has occurred in the immediate area or that intelligence indicates that an attack against a specific location is likely. 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